Bagster - The Roll Off Container in a Bag

You've been thinking about making some improvements and taking on a new project for your home. And you know that you would enjoy fixing up that bathroom or tearing out that partition in the basement to expand your rec room. But many people are stopped or put off by the problem of getting rid of the waste materials you will have when doing a project like this.

In the past your main alternative was to use the services of a roll off container or roll off dumpster company.

But recently a new alternative has come on the scene.

A company called Waste Management now offers a product called Bagster. Billed as a ‘dumpster in a bag’ this is an extremely heavy duty ‘bag’ that you can buy from local retailers or online. The idea is that you can buy the bag and have it on hand until you are ready to do your project.

Then when you are ready to use it, you simply set it out and fill it with all the waste and debris your project generates. The bag will hold up to 3,300 pounds of waste material. When you are done, you can either call the company or go online to their website to schedule a pickup.

The cost for the original bag itself is approximately $30 and the fee for a local pickup varies by your area and location, but normally is less than $100.

There are advantages of using this system as opposed to traditional rolloff containers for waste removal in a number of situations. The main advantage is for projects that are not large, but will still generate more waste than you can get rid of easily.

And many times, when you are doing a DIY project, it’s not possible to complete the job from start to finish in just a few days. Having a traditional roll off container sitting at the end of your drive for 3 or 4 weeks is just not feasible. But by using this Bagster system, you can take any amount of time to fill it and they call for a pickup when you are ready.

Do it yourself just keeps becoming the method used by more and more homeowners. Not only are there so many more sources available for you to buy the items and materials you need than there were a few years ago. But today new options, like this dumpster in a bag, make all parts of the project easier for you to do and to fit into your schedule.

If you’ve been putting off starting a new project because of the hassle and problems of dealing with all the junk when you are done, perhaps the ‘Bagster’ solution will work for you. The ripping and tearing out can be the most fun part of the project. Now getting rid of that mess has been made a lot easier.