Renting and Using a Roll Off Dumpster

Roll off dumpsters are those which are used to store waste material that has to be removed in order to clean the street or the construction site. These containers are rectangular in shape and are open top to facilitate easy usage.

All one has to do is throw the debris in the container and contact the company to take it away. More often than not, construction trucks are used to get the task done.

Since the roll off dumpsters are quite large and the trucks quite heavy, it is important to keep a few tips in mind. Naturally, when a heavy container is filled with heavy material, the weight of the truck will be increased. Most service providers will recommend that you carry out appropriate measures to protect the surface of your driveway or any other area where the roll off dumpsters will be placed.

Since the container will carry heavy waste products, it is important to ensure that it does not collapse under the pressure. This is why they are made of strong metals. The size of the dumpster depends on the nature of the debris it will hold. The size ranges from 10 to 40 cubic yards. If you do not have too much waste to get rid of, it is recommended that you opt for smaller containers so that you do not have to pay more unnecessarily. Most rental companies make sure that the customer is well informed about their rules and regulations. For example- they emphasize on the fact that they will not be held responsible for damage, if any.

As has already been mentioned, it is important to protect your driveway so that irreplaceable damage is avoided. Plywood sheets are recommended because they are strong enough to hold the container without destroying the surface of the chosen area of placement. The only drawback here is that they are so strong that they end up damaging the surface of the driveway. However, one can hold the company responsible if damage is caused on the area which is located at a distance from the curb line. One must also make sure that they know what waste material is accepted by the company and what is not. Most roll off dumpsters cannot hold hazardous materials like paints and oils. Make sure you choose the size of the dumpster carefully because if the weight of the waste products exceeds the limit set by the company, you will be asked to pay extra.

Roll off dumpsters are placed on such trucks which have hydraulic beds so that the container can be moved easily. The wheels on the underside of these dumpsters make this possible. However, never place the dumpster on wet soil because it can roll off and injure pedestrians.

If you are thinking of renting a large roll off dumpster, make sure you get the necessary permits from your municipality or local authority before going ahead with your plans.