Shingle and Roof Repair and Replacement Products

If you are going to be working on repairing the shingles on your roof or patching the roof to fix leaks, here are some of the products that you may need.

roofing tar

Roofing Tar for Sealing Leaking Spots:

Roofing tar is not a coating for your roof, rather it is a specifically made durable sealer for applying in specific areas for patch repair or to seal spots on your roof. It creates a durable, flexible, weatherproof coating around new and old flashings, skylights, downspouts, gutters, vents, chimneys, and general roof repairs. Roofing tar adheres to concrete, metal, tile, roofing, and masonry, and withstands stress of dissimilar rates of expansion. There is no separation; no stirring time; no objectionable smell. You can apply it on cold or wet surfaces. You can get Hercules 25410 Roof and Flashing Sealant here, or here is a list of other roof sealers and repair products.


Rain Collar

Rain Collars For Leaks Around Plumbing Roof Vents:

Rain collars fit over your roof vent pipes and will stop and prevents leaks. They are easy to install, just cut off or pull off the old collar if you have one, then slip the new one on. You don’t need to caulk or use roofing tar. They are self sealing. They come in different sizes to match the diameter of your existing vent pipe so be sure you order the correct size. Rain collars are not expensive. Here is a link where you can order them from Amazon.



aluminum roof flashing

Roof Flashing:

Flashing is the word for very thin continual lengths of sheet metal or any other waterproof product used to stop the penetration of water through your roof through any valley angle, along side chimneys or other areas where standard shingles cannot be used. Flashing on your roof can be exposed or covered. Uncovered flashing is generally made of sheet metals, including aluminum, copper, or galvanized or stainless steel. Amerimax Home Products 68008 Aluminum Flashing is a good quality flashing. It comes in 50 foot rolls and is 8″ wide. Otherwise you can get other flashing products here.

If your are having leaks around areas where flashing has been used, check to see if the existing flashing has been cracked or damaged. Replace and repair the existing flashing. If you have exposed nails or screws after you have repaired your flashing, be sure to cover them with roofing tar.

roof sealer for your caulking gun

Products You Can Use in Your Caulking Gun for Quick Fixes:

If you find a leak that’s small, or notice other areas that may need attention when you are up on the roof, using roof sealant in your caulking gun is just about the easiest way in the world to fix these small areas. DAP Blacktop & Roof 3.0™ is an advanced sealant specially formulated with Kwik Dry Technology allowing it to be exposed to water and moisture after only three hours without washing out, unlike typical latex & silicone caulks & sealants which may need a 24–36 hour waiting period. It is ideal for repairing minor roof leaks, asphalt shingles, rolled asphalt roofing, corrugated metal roofing and sealing chimneys. Use if for sealing cracks in driveways, pavement, parking lots, playgrounds and other asphalt surfaces.

And if you need a different type of sealer for use in a caulking gun, here is a link where you can check out a number of other DAP products.